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Out of the deep

SF China Town

Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Lunar Dream

The music can be found on The Convolving Universe album.  The entire album was an experiment recorded in early 1999 sometime using SAW Pro, a digital audio editor.  The album was release as a CD-r in 2000 and then finally on CD in 2003.   This video was done sometime in 2006.

More Info:

Song List:

1. Elements of Light
2. Lunar Dream (video)
3. Corona Restitution
4. Perhelion
5. Daath (video)
6. Aphelion
7. Aurora (video)
8. Corona (video)
9. Ninth Emanation
10. Cepheid
11. Typhonian XI°


CD Baby:

The album was created using a process called Convolution, which is a digital signal processing algorithm where the spectral information from one sound (the impulse) is multiplied together with spectral information of another sound (the sound source). Both the impulse and the source sounds can be minutes long and produce some of the most interesting sounds imaginable.

I started by playing a simple 4 to 8 note phrase using single and multi-voiced choir samples. I then recorded the resulting phrase into another sampling keyboard and then played it one would a normal piano. I only could play a few notes in each octave or it would start to sound very chaotic. I then convolved these resulting loops with a variety of other sounds (impulses), and finally mixed these to create the songs. I also used a vocoder in many of the tracks as well as samples of my own voice.

The convolution process creates some pretty heavy overtones that made it very difficult to control the sound. This was on of the most difficult albums to master. On the other hand, I delighted at the random element and textures it produced.

Recorded in 1999 released in 2003

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Ambient Life Vol. 1

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1. The Structure of Ambient Life 05:47

2. The Dreaming Sky Priest 08:20

3. A Strange Motel 07:45

4. Shimmering Butterflies 08:30

5. Winding Road 05:01

6. Over Clouds 11:11

7. Glass of Starlight 07:45

8. Formation in the Distance 08:01

9. Ghost Town 07:45

The entire 'Ambient Life' album consists of 23 songs in three volumes. This is Volume 1 which contains 9 songs.

DVD-Audio Version (44.1kHz / 24-bit / 5.0 Surround)

DVD-Video Version (48kHz /Stereo/DTS 5.1)

Reviewed by Aural Innovations

The latest from Diatonis is a 3-CD set of ambient sculptures that are guaranteed to lull you into meditative bliss. Each CD has several tracks, ranging in length from 5 to just over 12 minutes, which in the case of Diatonis' music seems to allow sufficient time for developing atmosphere and theme. To say that the music is peaceful is an understatement, though this is no mere New Age fluff. Diatonis wields a multi-colored brush that creates hypnotic orchestral layers of sound and drones that form the basis for the aural landscapes he creates. I detected a kosmiche influence at times that brought to mind the most minimalist exploratory elements of Tangerine Dream, Ash Ra Tempel and the like. I was even reminded of Pink Floyd a few times and also hear hints of progressive rock (without the Rock), which I know from Diatonis' The Endless Knot album (see AI #16) is an interest of his. But I say this mostly due to the angelic orchestral and symphonic moments of the music. Still, despite these analogies, the core of the Diatonis experience is slowly evolving, mind-expanding, image inducing ambient explorations.

The liner notes state that a variety of acoustic instruments are used including trumpet, panpipes, voice, bamboo and clay flutes, strings, gong, bass, guitar and piano. Everything is heavily processed but the guitar is the instrument that is usually most recognizable, creating simple but gorgeously expressive melodies. "Light Rain" is an interesting track, having a light jazz feel, though it's all happening within a larger floating cosmic whole. And dig that Fripp styled soundscape guitar on "Spiritus Helios". Vocals aren't often prominent, but "Neptune's Erosion" and "Dandelion Seeds" are heavenly tracks that feature an angel's choir of voices, and "Remembrance" and "Apotheosis" are highlights that include a lulling blend of voices, symphonics and drones.

In summary, Ambient Life is an ambitious 3+ hours of music that took about 2 years to create. The magic of the music is Diatonis 's ability to blend minimalist sound sculptures with beautiful atmospherics, drones, symphonics and melodies to create works that ebb and flow along a continuously drifting path. It's also the lone ambient entry on my Best of 2003 list. Highly recommended.

Volume 1:
1. Structure of Ambient Life
2. The Dreaming Sky Priest
3. A Strange Motel
4. Shimmering Butterflies
5. Winding Road
6. Over Clouds
7. Glass of Starlight
8. Formation in the Distance
9. Ghost Town

Volume 2:
1. Light Rain
2. Spiral Drift
3. Singing Kettle
4. Neptune's Erosion
5. Last Summer Rain
6. Heat Fades
7. Dandelion Seeds

Volume 3:
1. The Seventh Portal
2. Remembrance
3. Fountains of Hyacinth
4. Apotheosis
5. Spiritus Helios
6. White Lodge
7. From Beyond the Edge