Friday, September 30, 2016

Diatonis DVD-Audio Discs

These are DVD-AUDIO ISO image files that can be burned to a DVD-R and played back on a computer with the correct software. If you're not sure about the difference between DVD-Audio and DVD-Video, then you're probably interested in the DVD-Video ISO images. The DVD-Audio images are at either 44.1kHz or 96kHz, 5.0 (5 channels with no LFE channel).

You can listen to the file using foobar2000 (Windows) with the DVD-Audio Decoder input plugin.

Because Words Can't Take You There (DVD-Audio)

An Abstract View (DVD-Audio)

Pond (DVD-Audio)

Dark Edges (DVD-Audio) 
You can download the free version from at

Perception (DVD-Audio)

Highway 1 (DVD-Audio)

Trajectories (DVD-Audio)

Ambient Life Vol. 1 (DVD-Audio)

Ambient Life Vol. 2 (DVD-Audio)

Ambient Life Vol. 3 (DVD-Audio)

Invisible Order (DVD-Audio)

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Diatonis Ambient Music Sampler Disc


1.  Elemental Thoughts    05:55
2.  In Fields of Green    04:55
3.  Magician's Cross    11:53
4.  Between Fenceposts    10:33
5.  Aurora    07:49
6.  They Once Roamed This Land    07:34
7.  The Dreaming Sky Priest    08:20
8.  Divine Shadow 2    04:11
9.  Trees in Mist    07:24
10. Clouds and Mirrors    08:05

This album contains songs from my other albums.

1. Elemental Thoughts
Album: Tangential Plateaus

2. In Fields of Green
Album: Because Words Can't Take You There

3. Magician's Cross
Album: Landscape of a Dream

4. Between Fenceposts
Album: Highway 1

5. Aurora
Album: The Convolving Universe

6. They Once Roamed this Land
Album: An Abstract View

7. The Dreaming Sky Priest
Album: Ambient Life Vol. 1

8. Divine Shadow 2
Album: Invisible Order

9. Trees in Mist
Album: perception

10. Clouds and Mirrors
Album: Edge of the Dream World