Saturday, June 01, 2013

One To Be

One To Be can be found on the Trajectories album.

This song uses tape loops as made popular by Brian Eno.  I used digital delay units in place of tape loops (two tape recorders).  I was first made aware of tape loops in the late 70's after listening to 'Music for Airports' by Brian Eno.  Terry Riley appears to be the first to use them in the 1950s. 

'One to Be' is one of my earlier attempts using a 3 stereo effect processors (delay only) setup to ping pong out 5 outputs.  The first attempt can be found on 'Invisible Order'.

Song List:

1. Mourning Sky
2. Flatland
3. Lucid Dreaming
4. Cloudless
5. Nothing in Mind
6. Thundering Silence
7. One To Be
8. The Secret Universe (*not on CD)